tiring day!

30 Mar

Today was great. Assembly, was like inda happening. LOLS. Apakan toh? Sak tu ah. Just the seniors, year 10’O’ and 5R were having assembly.

Science, no comment.  Boring topicnya.

Ugama, huh i promise. QNA time with the teacher.

Geography, hmmm first classwork for this year.. AMAZING, not!

Sastera, cikgu inda masuk wonder why.

Break time, had a good time at the pondok kuning, near to the canteen.

F&N, i did not know that we got test today, so i only get the chance to read like 5 minutes. nasib 5, mun 4 tadi cemana? LOLS! 4Minute~ After the test, we learned something new, Soya beans. Abis tu buat exercise, theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen test lgi on proteins. Dangankusanak. HUH.



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