School today!

29 Mar

okay first of all :

No any words can portray how happy i am today! (apakan)

Assembly : As usual, its crowded. The zikir wasn’t recited today, wonder why. HUH i promise. We were informed by Sir Yura that today’s CCA nada, cancelled. Ialah adalah. Okays? then we were informed by the MPP (or prefects) regarding the new assembly time table. Imagine how happy i was, as we are going to have assembly twice a week. (for my year)

The new time table:

Monday – Year 7 and 8.

Tuesday – Year 9 and 10E and 10N.

Wednesday – Year 10’O’ and 5R.

Thursday – Contact time for all classes.

Saturday – General assembly.

Lols. sorry for being too informative here. LOLS.

Lols. whatever. MIB was okay. Thought that my sir will be mad at me, due to the incomplete notes. Ternyata tidak, dia hanya mengirimkan salamnya kepada sesiapa yang belum menyiapkan kerja-kerja MIB yang telah diberikan. LOLS. apakan.

English was great. FREE PERIOD and motivation & advice time! Our English teacher asked us, who haven’t complete their homeworks to complete it at home, and there goes, her motivational stories for about an hour.

Geography. hmm, no comment. Was concentrating learning about the population pyramid. Sikit lgi kau sasak tu ah? LOLS.

Break time : As i saw that classmate of mine was busy doing her stuff, I was so effing jealous that I started to do my English homeworks since i have time. While enjoying a bottle of 100plus.

Sastera. As usual, discussion while copying the notes.

Combined Science. It was fun. Demonstration was done by classmates about waves. Was doing a classwork, which i don’t really paham. really, i guess, not a full mark this time. 🙂

Back from school, was eating a plate of tuna and rice. ( on diet)! LOLS. No more fast food, how i wish. haha.

Renew IC : DONE! 🙂


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