Introducing, Hadie Jaw!

28 Mar

Hello, Hadie is the name. I was born in 18th february 1994. 🙂 Wanna know me more? FOLLOW MY TWITTER, @Hahadi. 🙂

  • its you who decide my attitude towards you.

  • if you tend to be disrespectful, i tend to be MORE disrespect to you.

  • judge me once, i judge you non-stop. fake a story about me, i fake stories about you.

  • when i hate, i rarely forgive.

  • if you want to change me to your way, pls leave me.

  • no matter what, i’ll stand for what is right, no matter if i’m alone.

  • i’m a perfectionist when it comes to being imperfect.

  • at least, when asking for help, be nice.

  • if you want a work is perfectly done, do it by yourself or learn how to appreciate.

  • i do what i want over my ideas, so don’t kid me.

  • i, who looks very calm may be your modest fox!

  • can’t nobody hold me down.

  • gonna live my life but not the way that you want me to.

  • if i want to, you can’t stop me.

  • gonna show my life is my own.

  • forget the words, ‘this way’ and ‘that way’.

  • don’t keep ordering me this and that.


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